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Health Care and Workforce Information
Nevada’s National Health Ranking
Job Search for State of Nevada
Nevada Health Care Publications
Nevada Health Care Safety Net Recruitment
Heath Care Careers in Nevada Publication
Nevada Frontier Health Data Book 2013: Rural Health Care Data

Under-served Information
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Other Underserved Links
Nevada Primary Care Association
Community Health Alliance
Medicaid: Nevada Department of Health and Human Services
Nevada Office of Rural Health
Rural Assistance Center
Nevada Rural Hospital Partners

Nevada Office of Health Professions Research and Policy
Reno Rodeo Foundation
SERV NV/Medical Reserve CORPS
Great Basin Primary Care Association
High Sierra Area Health Education Community (AHEC)
Nevada Wellness
University of Nevada, Reno Nevada State Office of Rural Health
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
Nevada Psychology Internship Consortium (PV-PIC)


Nevada WICHE Statute and Regulations