About State of Nevada WICHE

Mission Statement

Under NRS 397, WICHE carries out the goals, objectives, and programs of the multi-state Western Regional Education Compact, and shares resources with Nevada’s higher education institutions and safety net providers to offer educational, financial, and health care assistance to Nevada citizens. WICHE enhances workforce and economic development by providing the state highly-trained, qualified professionals in diversified areas of established need.

photo-high-school-gradsState of Nevada WICHE

WICHE serves Nevada residents who are seeking a relatively affordable education at the undergraduate and graduate levels, students seeking financial and access assistance to acquire a professional degree in high-demand fields, and Nevadans in need of health care with an emphasis on under-served populations.

Impacts on Nevada:  Provides financial assistance, reduced tuition, and/or preferential admission to Nevada students at participating institutions.

Education Development

Guarantees WICHE-supported professionals work in Nevada for a minimum of 2-4 years to meet workforce shortages. Many participants remain in Nevada and continue to provide needed services indefinitely.

Workforce Development

Requires WICHE professionals to provide services in their given health care fields in urban, rural, and under-served locations.

Health Care

Nevadans throughout the state have access to care on a continuous, consistent basis that may otherwise not be available.

Economic Development

Generates additional employment opportunities and income that contribute to the local tax base, and helping Nevada attract and retain businesses and jobs.